Crown North America - OEM / Fleet Integration


Installation of specified components onto vehicles, targeted to a market, that the OEMs currently do not install in their assembly operations but want to make available to their customers. These are sometimes referred to as "factory installed or factory programs". Installation of these components are to OEM specification and therefore warranted by the OEMs

Examples are:
  • Police Prep Packages (fleet market targeting the Police/Public Safety industry)
  • Sunroof Installations (fleet market targeting rental cars but also dealerships for retail sales)
  • Taxicab Rear Air Conditioning Installations (fleet market)
  • Body Cladding, Headrest DVD, Remote Start Installations (dealership markets for retail sales)


Installation of specified components onto vehicles, targeted to a variety of industries. These components are not available through the automotive OEM ordering process. The same installation standards used for the automotive OEM programs are utilized to ensure engineering and quality compliance are consistently maintained. The logistics in getting final delivery of the vehicles to the end use customer is generally via ship-through ordering.

Examples are:
  • RCMP Police upfits
  • New York State Police upfits
  • Puerto Rican National Police upfits
  • Shaw Cable Company (Canada)
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